Carpet vs. Tile

When debating about choosing Carpets Or Tile for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. With our quick breakdown of Carpet and Tile, we hope that we can provide some insight to help your decision go by a bit easier.


There is nothing like carpet when it comes to a comfortable feeling when you walk across the floor.But alas, carpet is too good to be true as the painstaking task of purchasing and installing carpet will strain both your body and your wallet. Roll carpet is incredibly comfortable and comes in various designs, but not without a price.


While roll carpet can be a bit steep in price, there is some good news.In place of the traditional roll carpet, you can purchase carpet tiles which a comfortable walking surface without putting the hurt on your wallet. Carpet tiles offer notable benefits over carpet rolls such as being DIY friendly, affordable, and easier to install. If you decide to splurge and go with the roll carpet, it is best to hire a professional to save you the headache of installing your carpet.


Carpet come in a variety of designs that can add comfort and style to any home. Carpet designs provide a series of textures, patterns, colors, and deigns that are less apparent in their hard flooring counterparts. Home? Office? Gym? Batcave? Carpets provide a lot of options to suite your needs.


While carpets do offer a variety of designs, over the years tiles have upgraded their options. Tile does come in a variety of textures, colors, and styles. In addition, tile is is much easier to clean and helps improve air quality as it does not trap dust and other airborne contaminants. If tile is properly installed and sealed it should easily last 10 to 20 years. If the tile happens to crack, you can always replace the individual tiles which saves on long term cost. If you choose to install tile, then the next part is to decide between porcelain and ceramic.

Tile Types

When we talk about porcelain tile, many people think that the tile is delicate. Quite the opposite, this tile was meant to last. The main difference aside from texture is that porcelain allows less water absorption and is denser than ceramic. Ceramic tile is just as durable in places where it isn’t exposed to harsh elements and can handle the grit of everyday use. In terms of cost, porcelain is more costly.

With all these options, we may have just added to the fray instead of quelling it. And while we can’t help you choose the right flooring for your home, we can guarantee that we will be there to help clean up, revive, and maintain your carpets and tile to increase their longevity and freshness.

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