Best Time To Clean Your Carpet

family on clean carpet

When is the best time in the year to have my carpets cleaned?

Many people wonder if a certain month or day out of the entire year is better than another to have their carpet cleaned. The actual best time varies from person to person. This is because it’s not about when your carpet looks dirty because that is not always best indication. Additionally, your cleaning needs to have a schedule set up in order to make reap all the benefits and maximize the usefulness of the clean.

That said, a good rule of thumb is that you should have the carpets cleaned in your home after you have gone through the tumultuous dirty season of your household. If you live in a Northern climate a then the end of Spring is the best time as you have gotten over all of the snow and dirt tracking. Similarly, if you live in a place with rainy Summers, the Autumn might be the best time.

Autumn is also very a very popular time of year to get the carpets cleaned because the children are back in school and there is more free time to schedule an appointment.Having the children in school also allows your carpet more time to dry without being disturbed.

As it turns out, very few people have their carpets cleaned in their home during the Winter. Usually due to environmental struggles with rain or snow.

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