Tips For Cleaner Tiles

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Tips For Cleaner Tiles

No one looks forward to spending hours cleaning tile floors just to end up with results that fall short of expectations. While tiles can be the a pain to clean, we’re here to provide some tips on how you can get cleaner tiles with a few simple tricks. Try out these tips to get in the habit of maintaining your tiles sheen after a professional cleaning or to spruce up your home before having guest over.

1. A Groutbrush Is Your Best Friend

The most troublesome reason why most tiles lack luster and sheen after a cleaning is because grout lines. While many people will sweep and wash the tiles themselves, they often overlook the importance that grout has into making their tiles really stand out in a positive light. By using a grout brush and some cleaning solution, you can be on your way to a pristine floor. a grout brush fits perfectly in grout line and cleanups can be done fairly quickly.

2. Sweep Before Anything Else

As creatures of habit we tend to reach for the mop before anything else. While the mop is great, if you don’t sweep before, all of that dirt and grime on the floor will just get pushed around and end up in the grout lines.Before reaching out for the mop, make sure to sweep away all the loose dirt and elements to avoid sullying your grout lines.

3. Soak Up Excess Water
Sometimes we go a bit heavy on the water when mopping, and what may seems like a faster way to clean ends up backfiring. As you probably guessed, all that excess water can get soaked up into grout lines which will dirty them and can also cause them to smell. To avoid this, do a little drying after mopping over your tiles. A simple towel dry to soak up a majority of the moisture will get the job done.

4. Clean It Just Before Bed

Timing is everything, and if possible it is best to do some minor floor cleaning in the evening. Doing a mop in the even helps to avoid people and children walking all over them and provides ample time for your floor to dry. This also helps parents who prevent active children from interrupting any floor cleanings.

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