Preventing Mildew

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Preventing Mildew

Mildew can turn a beautiful floor into an eyesore, but is there any way to avoid it? The answer is yes, or at the very least be able to moderate it. The three things that mildew needs to thrive: moisture, heat and a build of up grime. Because of this it is shower rooms and kitchens that are most susceptible to mildew. Aside from the moister, oils, soap, and other elements are at play to help create a mildew prone environment.

While there are products you can purchase to help prevent mildew, they are often very potent with chemicals or can be harmful to the environment. To avoid the introduction of harmful chemicals into your household, it is best to have a professional clean and seal the tiles to prevent mildew build up. This avoids any unnecessary health risk from toxic chemicals and prevents mildew from building up for a very long time. In additional a tile sealant has the additional benefit of helping to protect your floor from other messes and bacterial build ups.

To help prolong the effects of the sealant, you can wipe the tiles down after bathing or washing dishes. You can also apply a mixture of white vinegar and water every week to further reduce the risk of mildew buildup. While you may believe mildew is benign, but contact of bareskin with mildew can lead to fungal invasion and can cause rashes or other allergic reactions.

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