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We office assistance 24/7 and have staff ready to assist you. We pride ourselves for our professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Our team uses nothing but environmentally-conscious products that are non-toxic, child safe, efficient, and produce  by-products.

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Amazing Customer Service

We've been working in the cleaning industry for well over 10 year now. We are 100% confident that we will surpass your expectations.

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We offer competitive prices that suit your budget. Let us save you time, energy, and money by setting you up with quality cleaning at an amazing price.

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Our Rates

Starts at $29 per room
Single room only: $59

*heavily soiled carpets may require additional work

Why Hermosa Beach Loves Us


"The only downside to living near a beach is tracking in sand after a day of surfing. Thankfully Natural Carpet Cleaners is able to take that burden off my shoulders so I spend less time cleaning, and more time hitting the waves."

-Kyle Evans
Hermosa Beach, CA

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"My husband and I love our pets, but we don't love the messes they tend to track into the house. Thankfully we've had Natural Carpet Cleaners on call to keep our home fresh and free of odors, stains, and any other messes our pets bring in."

-Alison Young
Hermosa Beach, CA

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