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Our cleaners have been working in the cleaning industry for well over 10 years now. As a company dedicated to providing quality service and protecting the environment, we understand that pets are also a beloved part of the family. However, just like children, pets make the occasional mess as well.If pet odors and stains are prominent in your mattress, carpets, rugs, or furniture, you can depend on Natural Carpet Cleaners to remove them in a safe and eco-friendly method that will leave your home smelling great and keep your furry ones safe from chemicals.


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Accidents Happen

For pet owners, home is where the pets are, and your carpets, rugs, mattresses, and furniture are as much theirs as they are yours.However, your fur children may not always know best and are bound to have some accidents here and there- leaving stains and odors in your home. While our pets are the love of our lives, their stains can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that are a hazard to the health for pets and owners alike. These germs can incubate in rugs,carpets, furniture, and even mattresses s at room temperature. Therefore, it is important to keep your home cleaned to protect the health of the ones you love.

Green carpet cleaning is the right solution for pet stains. Our experts will help all pet owners extract stains and pungent odors to improve the quality of life for you and your pets at home. Our cleaning solutions are all organic, which will not cause health damage to the pets, family members, or the environment. Our team uses organic, non-toxic, chemical free hypoallergenic pet stain removing and carpet cleaning solutions to make sure your pets stay safe and germ-free.



"It's great to have a company that  you can rely on knowing they don't use any harmful chemicals in their cleaning."

-Kim Kumar
Encino, CA


"Aside from removing stains from my carpet, they were able to get the pet odors out form my home. I highly recommend them!"

-Alexis Sowders
Anaheim, CA

Say Good Bye To Bad Odors

We care for and look forward to helping our fellow pet lovers maintain a clean environment for their family. We work with your busy schedule to provide a home free of odors and stains in record time. Our professionals are able to clean up any deep stains, odors, and messes on in your home. Using green solutions, we work quickly and efficiently to get your home feeling like new again.

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