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We office assistance 24/7 and have staff ready to assist you. We pride ourselves for our professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Our team uses nothing but environmentally-conscious products that are non-toxic, child safe, efficient, and produce  by-products.

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Amazing Customer Service

We've been working in the cleaning industry for well over 10 year now. We are 100% confident that we will surpass your expectations.

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We offer competitive prices that suit your budget. Let us save you time, energy, and money by setting you up with quality cleaning at an amazing price.

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Our Rates

Starts at $29 per room
Single room only: $59

*heavily soiled carpets may require additional work

What Sherman Oaks Has To Say About Us


"I love my pets, but I am not of fan of cleaning up their stains. Natural Carpet Cleaners keeps my home fresh and odor free while providing friendly customer service."

-Jillian Moore
Sherman Oaks, CA

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"Its great to have a reliable service to save you time, energy, and give your peace of mind when they handle your delicate rugs."

-Beth Williams
Sherman Oaks, CA

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